**Meet the Board of Education Candidates**

On Wednesday, October 21, the PTO/PTAs of LVMS, OFRS, BAC and FKS will be jointly hosting the second virtual Meet the Candidates event. The link to the Zoom event will be posted shortly before the meeting. Below are the candidates’ introduction videos. Please watch the videos to learn about each of the candidates for the two districts, and then we ask that all questions be submitted in advance, by 10/20, in order for the moderators to plan and time the Q&A. Preference will be given to those who did not ask questions at the first meeting. Please send your questions, and say which candidate you would like to pose it to, to ptalvms@gmail.com.

We also ask that those who attended the last meeting, as well as those who have already cast their ballots, not attend in order to allow those who were unable to join the last meeting and/or have not yet made a decision the opportunity to participate in this event.

In case you missed it – a link to the September 29 Meet the Candidates event.

West Morris Regional High School District

Washington Township School District

  • Laura Ann Quinones: Video Blurb
  • Armand Czapkowski (no longer actively running)
  • Bryan Nesfeder: Video Blurb
  • Joe Coladarci: Video Blurb
  • Jill Mucerino: Video Blurb
  • Jason Koestenblatt: Video Blurb
  • Kiran Tadi: Video Blurb
  • Stephanie Wilson: Video Blurb

Passcode for viewing the video on Zoom is URqH#5L?